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Appointed Role Models Program

 You are invited to apply to be one of our Appointed Role Models. The girls that are selected will be given the opportunity to compete at the Stellar Role Models National Pageant. This is your time to shine!


Princess: Ages 5-7

Jr. Pre-Teen: Ages 8-10

Pre-Teen: Ages 11-13


Contact Stellar Role Models at or DM us on Instagram @stellarrolemodels to inquire about deadline. 


Appointed Role Models Scoring System:
Resume: 25%
Headshot: 25%

Personal Introduction Video: 25%

Phone Interview: 25%



  • RESUME: 
    As a representative for Stellar Role Models
    , we are looking for someone who is willing to become a positive role model to others in their city, state, and community. All of the following will be taken into consideration when scoring the candidate’s resume. The resume should include the following (if applicable): name, grade, school, hobbies, interests, activities, awards, and interesting facts about themself. A link to the blank resume will be emailed to you once you submit your application.

    The candidate’s headshot will be scored upon its overall presentation, including the quality and age appropriateness of the photo. We are seeking a bright, fresh, positive representative who exudes visual confidence. Their photo should reflect this. They should be the main focus in their photo. We recommend headshots or waist-up shots. 


    The candidate should dress in interview attire and create a 30 second video that introduces themself to the judges. The candidate must inclu
    de their name, hometown, and a future goal in their personal introduction. 


    The phone interview is a casual interview with the goal of getting to know the candidate better. The interview will not consist of questions with a right or wrong answers. The questions are designed to give the candidate the opportunity to express themselves and to share more about who they are. The candidate will be scored based upon the interviewer’s overall general impression, and their ability to confidently and competently convey their ideas, thoughts and personality over the phone. The interviewer will be looking for honest and original answers that effectively express the candidate’s personality. Some questions may be drawn from the candidate’s personal resume. It will be helpful for the candidate to keep a copy of the resume they turned in with their application. Most importantly,  we encourage all candidates to relax, have fun, and be themselves! We will reach out and  arrange a convenient time for the phone interview after we review your resume, photo, and personal introduction video.


Here’s How It Works

Complete the Appointed Role Models Application found within the yellow link below. Once we receive and review the application, personal introduction video, headshot, and resume, we will contact the candidate to set up a phone interview. Once the phone interview has been completed,  everything will be submitted to the selection committee panel. The panel will review all components of the candidate’s completed application and score each portion of the competition. Select candidates will be appointed regional role model titles and be eligible to compete for the Stellar Role Model National Queen’s Title. 


The pageant fee for the appointed program is $350 (which you only pay if selected and receive a crown, sash, and Appointed Role Models prize package). Pageant fees are non-refundable.

*Appointed Role Models will receive the prize package below:

  • Crown

  • Sash 

  • Certificate

  • T-shirt

  • Stellar Role Models National Pageant Fee Paid

  • Feature in National Program Book

  • Complimentary ticket to Pageant Party

  • Access to series of Success Workshops

*Prize package will be provided after the pageant fee has been received.


Stellar Role Model National Pageant Queens will receive the prize package below:

  • Luxury Crown

  • Luxury Custom Sash

  • Crown Case

  • Sash Pin

  • Trophy

  • Cash Prize

  • Flowers

  • Photoshoot


If appointed, you will get an Appointed Title Agreement with details of your role, as you embark on the road to compete in the Stellar Role Models National Pageant. Feel free to email Sally Ortega at: with any questions.



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